Wine Tasting Competition

A competition that takes you through the vineyards of Hvar

  • No. of people: 8 – 80

  • Duration: 6 – 8 hours

Teams competing tasteing various wines

Wine Tasting is a fun, memorable and a unique introduction to the amazing wines of Hvar. It is a wine-themed team-building event with a touch of elegance. The competition starts by taking you on a journey through the old vineyards of Hvar where we visit several local wineries, each with their own personality and distinctive atmosphere. The wines are presented by highly qualified and well-regarded winemaking experts and paired with traditional accompaniments such as local cheese and prosciutto ham.

At the end of the tour, we divide the group into small teams and require them to compete with each other. Each team will taste a particular wine and try to guess which one it is from a list of wines they had throughout the tour. Teams go through rounds until eventually, we have a winning team.
The competition encourages individuals to get involved and contribute to their team, and the team to develop leadership and sharpen decision-making skills.