Twisted Karaoke

A song writing and singing competition

  • No. of people: 20 – 200

  • Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Competition to Craft your own lyrics to popular songs

Anybody ever corrected your singing of some well know the song? Are your lyrics way off because you mishear them? It’s time to put that talent to some use. Twisted Karaoke is a game based on the concept of “mondegreen”, as the mishearing or misinterpreting of lyrics is known.

Team members gather together to develop completely new or rewrite original lyrics of a chosen song. The group then selects a singer to perform the ”improved” song, karaoke style with the lyrics projected onto a screen behind them. Hilarity Ensues. Bonus points if the audience can sing along. A jury of judges then chooses the winning team based on best performance and audience reactions (usually who got the most laughs).