Treasure Hunt

A classic team buidling activity

  • No. of people: 12 – 340

  • Duration: 1 – 3.5 hours

Searching for treasure all over Hvar
The Treasure Hunt is an interactive adventure, filled with fun team building assignments. Your team will be met with a variety of problem-solving challenges both mental and physical. The teams will be working together like never before. Each team members’ individual skills and abilities will be put to the ultimate test, revealing the group’s strengths and weaknesses, while remaining focused on improving group cooperation, participation and flexibility. Discover the amazing nature of Hvar and the surrounding islands through this heart racing challenge following clues and solving mysteries.

In consultation with your company, we can come up with a range of challenges and clues that are connected with your industry and/or the region. Find the key to the treasure chest before the other teams do!