Shoot A Music Video

Be a group of rockstars in your own music video

  • No. of people: 12 – 340

  • Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Corporate teams pick pop song to shoot a video for.

No other experience promotes bonding within a team better than one with plenty of laughs. This fun activity brings teams together in a creative environment, to brainstorm their ideas and create something imaginative in a short period of time. From lip-syncing famous songs to reinventing crazy dance moves, filming your own choreographed music video will be a blast. Our staff helps with finding appropriate filming locations and costumes to match the chosen song theme. Each team will have their own clapper-board and will log their preferred take from each filmed scene on a shot list in order for our professional editor to select the best scenes from the raw footage. We will then need up to 24 hours to edit the videos together.

All of the videos are presented on a Grammyesque Award ceremony where nominees are announced in various music categories. Golden statues will be received, speeches spoken and everyone will have a new appreciation for the hidden rock star in the office.