Hvar Challenge

Fun quest across Old Town Hvar

  • No. of people: 12 – 340

  • Duration: 1.5 – 3.5 hours

team quest to explore old town Hvar

This is the ultimate team building quest consisting of a series of challenging assignments both fun and educational that take the teams all across Old Town on Hvar. We split the group into smaller teams, that race competitively with each other to complete the challenge first. Teams get a list of tasks they must accomplish with a time limit. Each successfully completed assignment awards a certain amount of points. The team with the most points wins! Team members must take a photo of each completed task as proof of completion to be able to gain points. While some tasks are simple and easy, other more challenging assignments will take the teams into secluded parts of the medieval town, revealing more and more of Hvar’s fascinating history as progress is made.