Hell Islands Challenge

Race your colleagues around the islands

  • No. of people: 10 – 200

  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

Speed boat Challenge Activity

A variety of challenging assingments are scattered all over the coast of Hvar and the nearby Hell Islands or Pakleni Otoci in Croatian. Teams (up to 7 members) get their own speed boat along with its captain and a mission kit. The mission kit contains a list of tasks, map of the islands, a camera and a clapper board. Teams have to devise a strategy in which order they want to visit all these different locations and complete assignments they find there. From catching fish, earning as a street performer and persuading a local to go on an excursion with them to swimming into caves in hidden beaches and exploring old ruins; all assignments are unique. After a completed task, the team has to take a group photo as a proof of completion. The team that completes the most assigments and gets the most points in the limited time they have; wins.