Film A Movie Or An Ad

The Ultimate Creativity Challenge

  • No. of people: 12 – 340

  • Duration: 2 – 6 hours

Groups are challenged to film a movie or an Ad as a team building assigment

Filming Movies or TV Ads in a group is a great deal of fun, and ensures many laughs at the Oscar awards when the finalized movies are screened. Teams have to creatively and hilariously script, story-board, direct and act in their own blockbuster masterpieces.

The challenge usually starts a day or two before the ceremony when teams (7 -10 people) are gathered in a conference hall and given some time to be creative and develop an entertaining script for a short movie. Team members work out the storyline, write the script, and storyboard the scenes that they will shoot later in the day. Optionally, the video can be an advertisment for one of your products or a message your company wants to convey.

The teams will need to work out which roles individual team members want to take: actors, camera operators, director, etc. Teams will have their own clapper-board that will help them record the take they like best from each envisioned scene so that our professional editor can put the video together. Editing process takes 8-24 hours for the editor to edit the finished video and include desired music and effects.
We provide support to generate the creative results that teams envision and suggest the filming crews on the variety of possible backgrounds and filming locations in the chosen shooting area.

On the night of the Oscar-like Film festival, the film crews arrive at the venue, tuxedos and all, and take a stroll down the red carpet. The press is there getting the stars to stop and pose for photos (in front of press wall with corporate logo). The short movies/ads are screened and nominees announced in various categories like Best Movie, Best Actor/Actress, etc. After a few heart-stopping moments of suspense, the winners are announced. As they are receiving their golden statues, emotional acceptance speeches will be expected and applauded. Your teams now have a permanent record of their filmmaking experience on Hvar to enjoy and share with others.